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  • I need to find a new apartment! Can you call around and make a list of 20, 1-bedroom apartments, under $1,500, around Venice/Santa Monica, that are available by August.
  • I need a new logo design for my business. We're looking for someone who can show us some examples, but can get the job done by the end of this week.
  • I want to buy a new SLR camera. I'm not a professional photographer, so I need something easy to use. Looking for photographers to provide some knowledge, and a list of 5 SLR camera's that would be good for me.
  • I need some help with my Wordpress site. I wanted to add in web forms, and the ability for people to upload pictures. I wanted to get this done in a couple of days.
  • I need a few people to help hand out flyers for an event. Looking for someone to take lead and put together a team of 5 people total. Would like to get this done by Friday since the show is Saturday night.
  • My company is launching a line of Fraternity and Sorority geared apparel. We want to compile a list of all the Greek presidents at every school in the Big 10 for an email marketing campaign. Since most of this information is public, I need someone to go through each site and put all the info into an excel doc. I need this by the end of the month for our launch.
  • I just revamped our product and need a new animation video to show potential customers. I can provide the script, just need a talented person to put together a 30-45 second video. We have a bit of a time crunch, so would need this within a week.
  • I'm traveling to Austin on business and have never been there. I am taking a few clients out to dinner and want to impress them. I need someone to send over a list of 10 potential restaurants with a brief description and price point, and then make reservations based on the 3 I like the most. Need this done within 48 hours since I fly out in a couple days.
  • My company produces sunglasses for college students and we want to run ads in school newspapers. We need a designer to mock up 5 variations, but we will provide images of the product, our logo, and some previous work we have done. Need this done within 10 days.